This time, I would like to introduce SUPER BOWLING, one of the reasons why we opened the SUPER BOWLING STORE.

SUPER BOWLING is a bowling game published on Facebook Instant Games, and it is the second Instant Games title we have released after SUPER DASH.

SUPER BOWLING was officially released worldwide on June 26, 2017, and is a very popular casual game that has been played by approximately 60 million people as of the end of March 2021.

When it was first released, it had two game modes, Single Play and Friend Match, but it has been improved day by day and now has the following modes.

The initial SUPER BOWLING screen

👆The initial SUPER BOWLING screen.

SUPER BOWLING screen as of April 2021

👆SUPER BOWLING screen as of April 2021

  • Turn-Based Match
    This is a mode where you and your Facebook friends take turns playing one-on-one. You can take your time to plan your tactics after watching your opponent's pitches.
  • Match Play (Offline)
    Offline Match Play is a mode where you play against your friends' play records. You don't have to take into account your friend's free time, making it very easy to play.
  • Match Play (Online)
    Online's Match Play is a mode you can play if you want to play against your friends who are playing SUPER BOWLING in real time. Even if you don't have any friends in the game, you can ask your friends to join you on Messenger.
  • Ranked Match
    Ranked Match is a three-round tournament mode, with a crown attached to your name if you win three times in a row, and a more luxurious crown depending on your grade.
    GOLDEN FEVER is a slightly different mode that uses the most powerful ball, the Golden Ball. You have to knock down all the standing pins at all times, but it's a super exhilarating game mode. You can play solo, but you can also compete with your friends for the points you get.
  • Single Play
    As the name suggests, this is a mode where you play alone. This is the perfect mode to practice alone.

There are many features in SUPER BOWLING. For example, there is the Golden Ball, which is not available in real world bowling, and the custom ball feature. You can also customize the color of the lanes. The default user avatar is your Facebook profile picture, but you can also choose from the images we have prepared for you.

If you haven't played it yet, you should definitely give it a try!


👆Link to SUPER BOWLING (Facebook login required)


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