New Hoodies New Arrivlas!

New Hoodies New Arrivlas!

We've got three new hoodies in stock, all with new designs! They're cool, funny, and original!

Unisex Hoodie - Manga -

First of all, this hoodie has the SUPER BOWLING game logo on the chest. On both sleeves are the words "超十柱戯" which means "super bowling". On the back and the inside of the hood, there is a Messenger cartoon that super bowling players would know.

Unisex Hoodie - Ninja -

The next one is a hoodie designed to look like a ninja costume. This one also has the words "超十柱戯" printed on the chest. Put the hood on deep and you are a ninja! Fly through the sky, over the mountains, and to the bowling alley in town!

Unisex Hoodie - Skaty Dog -

Last but not least is a hoodie with a large illustration of "Skaty Dog", which of course anyone who has played our game knows. It is the No. 1 item to watch this season!

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