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The man who wears the "SUPER BOWLING" t-shirt

Thank you for always playing Super Bowling and other of our Instant Games titles.

Two women wearing "I LOVE BOWLING" t-shirts.

For all bowling players

We designed this to be used in everyday life, which is not a design you would expect to see associated with our Facebook Instant Games title. We recommend this item to anyone who loves bowling.

A woman eating breakfast in a "The Bowling Club" t-shirt

For Our Core Fans

This item is for those who love our Instant Games titles, including Super Bowling and The Bowling Club. Of course, you can use it in your everyday life as well.

A man walking down the street wearing a t-shirt with a character called 'Skaty' and a jacket over it.

Do you know Skaty?

He is our beloved character "Skaty". By the way, he's a dog. He is not a crocodile. Live a life of laughter with items featuring this beloved character!

We ship worldwide

Although we are a Japanese company, most of the goods are shipped from Europe and America. We also offer reliable shipping all over the world.

Only One Design

Are you tired of the fast fashion in the world? Our exclusive designers will create a design that is unique to the world.

Customer Service

With a total of over 120 million people playing the our game, you can expect to see more customer service offerings in the future.

Secure Payment

The entire store uses 256-bit SSL certificates to secure not only the content, but all payments as well.